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positive impact 

We are committed to stepping up our offering and distribution of products and services for a more responsible economy with positive impact.

get to know our goals of this commitment

Integrating environmental and social issues into product evaluation.

Providing an environmental, social and governance (ESG1) evaluation to 100% of applicable assets, with external certification, by 2022.

¹ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance

Offering, on a regular basis, responsible and impact investment products in our portfolio for the Brazilian market by 2022.

Fostering and distributing responsible and impact investment products to reach 3% of our total assets under management (WMS²) by 2022.

¹AuM stands for Assets Under Management.

²WMS stands for Wealth Management Services, an Itaú’s Executive Office responsible for managing Capital Markets related products and services, composed of the Private Banking, Investment Products, Securities & Fund Services, and Asset Management departments.