Smiling girl lying on couch with credit card in hand and fiddling with notebook.

positive impact

We are committed to expanding access to financial services and offering tools and contents to support healthier and appropriate financial decision-making.

get to know our goals of this commitment

Promoting customer satisfaction with the bank and their financial lives.

Engaging 2 million clients by 2020 for recurrently using the financial management tool namely Minhas Finanças (My Finances).

Convert through preventive approach 1.2 million performing clients in critical indebtedness situation.

Including 5 million consumers into a low-cost financial services platform by 2021.

Increasing by 35% the renegotiation with delinquent clients by using differentiated rates and discounts due to their being highly indebted by 2020.

Providing our clients who had already renegotiated their debt financial organization contents by 2020.

Building up a process to reintegrate delinquent clients into the credit cycle by 2020.